My Services

  • $45 per Hour or
  • $250 per Song
  • 3 Revisions included
  • 7–10 Days Turn. Time
  • FREE Mastering incl.
  • $40 per Song
  • 3 Revisions included
  • 3–5 Days Turn. Time
  • $30 per Hour
  • Audio Editing
  • MIDI Editing


Sidetrack Walker

Come What May

Album • Singer-Songwr./Exper. • self

Fen Fires

Rainy Season

Album • Ambient • self

The Truck Experience

The Truck Experience

EP • Death Metal • self

Sidetrack Walker

Confessions in Silence

Album • Classical • self

Alpaca Redemption

I Remember When Kiel Was Like New York

Demo • Indie Rock • independent

Vita Dolorosa

She Is The Dark

Song • Cover •

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about Me

My job is all about bringing to life your vision. In close collaboration with you, I give your music the sound it deserves – to reveal its core and to give your listener a powerful emotional experience.

This flexibility serves only one purpose: Giving your record exactly what it needs – authenticity is paramount to me, after all, YOU are the artist and this is all about your art.

I’m always happy to hear about your project – click the Inquiry button above to get in touch with me.